Open-source automation server for building great things at any scale

Jenkins, originally founded in 2006 as "Hudson", is one of the leading automation servers. Jenkins' motto is "Build great things at any scale". Using an extensible, plugin-based architecture developers have created hundreds of plugins to adapt Jenkins to a multitude of build, test, and deployment automation workloads. Jenkins is open-source, MIT License is used for most of the components.

This year we invite students to join the Jenkins community and to work together to improve Jenkins user experience and reliability. We have many strategic project ideas which are important to hundreds of thousands of Jenkins users.

The project has about 600 active contributors working on Jenkins core, plugins, website, project infrastructure, localization activities, etc. In total we have more than 2000 components including plugins, libraries, and various utilities. The main languages in the project are Java, Groovy and JavaScript, but we also have components written in other languages (Go, C/C++, C#, etc.). Jenkins project includes multiple sub-projects (including Configuration-as-Code, Infrastructure and Remoting) and special interest groups. These entities participate in GSoC as a part of the Jenkins project. Jenkins X also participates in GSoC under umbrella of the Jenkins project.

Jenkins project is a part of Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF). CDF also participates in Google Summer of Code this year as an umbrella organization for all projects except Jenkins and Jenkins X (org profile).

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  • java
  • javascript
  • docker
  • kubernetes
  • go


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Jenkins project 2020 Projects

  • Sladyn Nunes
    Custom Jenkins distribution build service
    The main idea behind the project is to build a customizable Jenkins distribution service that could be used to build tailor-made Jenkins...
  • stellargo
    External Fingerprint Storage for Jenkins
    File fingerprinting is a way to track which version of a file is being used by a job/build, making dependency tracking easy. The fingerprint engine...
  • Rishabh Budhouliya
    Git Plugin Performance Improvement
    At this moment, the number of installations for git-plugin is 200,000+ and git-client-plugin has a similar usage. These two plugins have one of the...
  • Kezhi Xiong
    GitHub Checks API for Jenkins Plugins
    The GitHub Checks API allows developers to report the CI integrations’ detail information rather than binary pass/fail build status on GitHub pages....
  • Loghi Perinpanayagam
    Jenkins Machine Learning Plugin for Data Science
    This project provides a plugin for data scientists to integrate Machine Learning Workflow with Jenkins. The plugin will be a golden solution for the...
  • Buddhika Chathuranga
    Jenkins Windows Services: YAML Configuration Support
    Enhance Jenkins server and client service management on Windows by offering new configuration file formats and improving settings validation....
  • Zixuan Liu
    Jenkins X: Consolidate the use of Apps / Addons
    The main aim of the project is to consolidate Apps and Addons inside Jenkins X to avoid confusion.