Analytical solutions for Next-Generation Sequencing data

The Montreal C3G node is hosted at the McGill University and Genome Quebec Innovation Centre. The Montreal node is strongly involved with GenAP and has developed several genomic data analysis pipelines. Since 2011, we have completed more than 400 bioinformatics analysis projects with over 290 distinct groups of researchers across Canada. Our teams have significant experience in personalized medicine applications. These have included genome analysis and interpretation of personal genomes, technology and services to record patient presentations, RNA- and ChIP-seq data analysis, and analysis of complete human epigenomes in both germline disorders and cancers. Each year C3G co-organizes several international workshops about next-generation sequencing data analysis.

The Montreal C3G node develops the GenPipes pipelines which consist of Python scripts which create a list of jobs running Bash commands to analyze NGS data. Those scripts support dependencies between jobs and a smart restart mechanism if some jobs fail during pipeline execution. Job commands and parameters can be modified through several configuration files. We currently maintain 7 pipelines and develop 3 others.

The Montreal C3G node also develops several bionformatics tools:

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  • python
  • r-project
  • javascript
  • react
  • nodejs


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Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics 2020 Projects

  • Moonshroom
    Automatic update of the C3G software stack catalog
    GenPipes is an important tool by C3G. GenPipes contains a suite of different software. The software contained in the suite is continuously updated...
  • Konstantinos Kyriakidis
    Development of a Long-read Nanopore RNA-seq pipeline in GenPipes
    The majority of contemporary genomics and transcriptomics research is carried out using short-read technology such as the output of Illumina...
  • Mohd Arshul Mansoori
    DevOps for GenPipes
    DevOps for GenPipes would create an automatic deployment of the GenPipes project in the cloud using Terraform. It would support multiple cloud...
  • Harshit Maheshwari
    Ingesting the Canadian Common CV
    The Canadian Common CV (CCV) is a tool that allows Canadian researchers to input their resume in a standardized format. It is used by multiple...
  • Andjela Todorovic
    Large-scale modeling of genetic data
    The objective of the problem arises from the reconstruction of gene genealogies problem - from a given genotypes of sequence data from contemporary...