The world's most versatile, trusted and open autopilot

ArduPilot is the most advanced, full-featured and reliable open source autopilot software available. It is the only autopilot software capable of controlling almost any vehicle system imaginable, from conventional airplanes, multirotors, and helicopters, to rovers and boats and even submarines. Most recently it has been expanded to support new emerging vehicle types including quad-planes, compound helicopters, tilt-rotors and tilt wings VTOLs.

ArduPilot runs natively on a wide variety of hardware platforms from the very popular Pixhawk flight controller (32bit ARM) to the advanced Intel Aero linux flight controller (see full list here:

The ArduPilot team is lead by an experienced group of passionate and world class developers from all over the world with expertise in Extended Kalman Filters, control theory, embedded programming, Linux and much more.

A welcoming and friendly group of developers that is happy to share their knowledge with you but also with too many interesting projects to complete on their own. An engaged group of partner companies provides the hardware and financial support for the group. They could use your help!

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  • drones
  • python
  • robotics
  • linux
  • c/c++


  • Other
  • vision
  • robotics
  • embedded systems
  • real-time os
  • drones
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ArduPilot 2020 Projects

  • ksharshit
    EKF Smart Lane Switching
    A smarter lane switching mechanism between multiple active lanes based on error integration and innovations.
  • Thien Nguyen
    Enhancements of non-GPS navigation and object avoidance with Realsense cameras
    Navigation in non-GPS environments while avoiding obstacles plays a critical role and is a highly desired feature for any autonomous robot. VIO...
  • Rishabh Singh
    Improvements to Object Avoidance in Rover & Multicopter
    Most ArduPilot features are well tested and have been present for years now. Path planning and obstacle avoidance are newly included features....
  • Peter Hall
    Matlab Simulink support
    Matlab Simulink is an advanced tool for simulating physical systems. Adding support to ArduPilot will allow for greater depth of understanding of...
  • Ashvath s
    Walking robot support
    This project when completed gives ardupilot the ability to control a walking robot. To be able to do that ardupilot needs new modules which support...