realtime audio/video visual programming language

Purr Data has been designed with an emphasis on generating sound, video, 2D/3D graphics, and connecting through sensors, input devices, and MIDI as well as OSC devices. It has a special emphasis on generating audio and/or video in real time, with low latency. Much of its design focuses on receiving, manipulating, and delivering high-quality audio signals. Specifically, the software addresses the problem of how to do this efficiently and reliably on general purpose operating systems like OSX, Windows, Debian, etc.-- i.e., systems designed mainly for multi-tasking.

Purr Data can easily work over local and remote networks. It can be used to integrate wearable technology, motor systems, lighting rigs, and other equipment. It is also suitable for learning basic multimedia processing and visual programming methods, as well as for realizing complex systems for large-scale projects.

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  • html5
  • javascript
  • opengl
  • svg
  • c/c++


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Purr Data 2020 Projects

  • Guillem Bartrina
    Improving Purr Data encapsulation techniques
    Currently, Purr Data has two basic techniques of encapsulating parts of the program, mechanism that provides a way to organize and modularize the...
  • Hugo Neves de Carvalho
    Inject Purr Data Directly into the Web
    Produce an WebApp frontend for PurrData so users can use it as a WebApp to visualize, edit and share pd files.
  • cuinjune
    Injecting Purr Data Directly into the Web
    This project aims to make Purr Data run in a web browser by adding a WebAssembly target and HTML5 GUI framework. Purr Data a.k.a. Pd-l2ork 2 is an...