OWASP, The Open Web Application Security Project

OWASP is the Open Web Application Security Project. It is an open community dedicated to enabling organizations to develop, purchase, and maintain applications that can be trusted. All of the OWASP tools, documents, forums, and chapters are free and open to anyone interested in improving application security. We advocate approaching application security as a “people, process, and technology” problem, because the most effective approaches to application security include improvements in all of these areas.

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  • python
  • javascript
  • .net
  • node.js


  • Security
  • application security
  • web application security
  • information security
  • cyber security
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OWASP Foundation 2020 Projects

  • Akshath Kothari
    Add Support for GraphQL Security Testing in ZAP
    GraphQL Schemas can be very large and testing them can be a very time-consuming, manual process. Currently, there is a lack of tools that allow...
  • Am4n Gupta
    Adding new vulnerability modules
    This project I will work on during the GSOC consists on building many new vulnerability modules for web application pen-testing along with performing...
  • Rahul Badami
  • Azhar Ahamed
    Building A Standalone Scanner to enhance Risk Assessment Framework
    Building a Standalone Scanner for RAF to detect OWASP TOP 10 Vulnerabilities and building a plugin for IDE’s
  • Dhiren Devinder Serai
    Enhancements in OWASP PYTHON Honeypot
    The idea is to Add a new Database honeypot module - as for now there are modules like ssh,ftp,https and ICS but no module for catching database...
  • Ashish Malik
    Intelligent Intrusion Detection System
    Developing an Intelligent Intrusion Detection System using AI technologies for detection. It will be be a complete Python based application which...
  • Mohit Sharma-2
    Juice-Shop ChatBot and general fixes
    Making an NLP based responsive and challenge ready ChatBot for OWASP Juice-Shop, along with two unique challenges. Also do a thorough sweep of the...
  • Akash M
    New Graphical User Interface
    A new graphical user interface for the Security Knowledge Framework web application with Angular 8 and Bootstrap.
  • Ashrith N Shetty
    OWASP OWTF - General Improvements
    The current version of the OWTF framework in spite of having all the features and functionalities to make it the tool of choice for Pentesters and...
  • Chakshu Gupta
    OWASP Python Honeypot
    Adding the following features to the OWASP Python Honeypot project: add log explorer WebUI for a tabular view of the data stored in the database....
  • Kushal Majmundar
    One of my primary goals is to make securetea an industrially usable product. The major topics I am targeting are: Updating GUI Improving IDS Login...
  • Chirag Bablani
    The Honeypot Project
    This project focuses on the honeypot project by the OWASP foundation. The goal of the Project is to identify emerging attacks against web...