Internet content for people without internet access

Kiwix is a reader / platform that allows users to browse a local copy of their favourite website, e.g. Wikipedia, TED talks, StackExchange and a lot more. We now have several million users around the world, 80% of them being in the Global South. Though the initial use case was for school students, we quickly realized that the problem was bigger than that and covered people who had issues with data cost, poor infrastructure, or even outright censorship.

The software reads file that are compressed in the openZIM format, and runs on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, GNU/Linux, and even small single-board Hotspots: so no matter what your preferred language is, there will be something for you to do and there will be people around the world that will be grateful for your work (besides ourselves).

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  • python 3
  • c/c++
  • javascript
  • node.js
  • kotlin


  • Web
  • offline access
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Kiwix 2020 Projects

  • Frans-Lukas Lövenvald
    Creating a design guide and refactoring the Kiwix user interface
    A problem with open source projects is that every contributor has their own idea of what good UI looks like. This leads to messy and non-uniform user...
  • satyamtg
    Improve Python scrapers
    Currently, scrapers are used to generate ZIM files and contain code that is difficult to maintain. A new library called scraperlib is being developed...
  • Utkarsha Bakshi
    Improving MWOffliner Scraping Experience
    This proposal is about improving the overall experience of Mediawiki scarping including the various horizons like providing customary plugins,...