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CircuitVerse is an easy to use digital logic circuit simulator which aims at providing a platform to create, share and learn digital circuits. It can run on almost any device without the need for installing any software. The platform has been designed for use by students, professionals and hobbyists alike. The vision is to develop a community around the platform which will aid students to self-learn digital logic design. Apart from the simulator, users can create, learn, collaborate and share their work. CircuitVerse is currently used by several universities worldwide since it provides features for teachers to create groups and host assignments on the platform.

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  • rails
  • javascript
  • bootstrap
  • html5
  • canvas


  • Web
  • web
  • simulations
  • pedagogy
  • education
  • digital logic design
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CircuitVerse.org 2020 Projects

  • Aayush Gupta
    CircuitVerse Platform Improvements
    My GSoC'20 Project targets to achieve the following : Crafting UI designs and Redeveloping all CircuitVerse's web application frontend screens. To...
  • Samiran Konwar
    Enhancing Simulator User Interface
    I have always been passionate about projects which are related to web & designing, which is undoubtedly the primary motivation for me to work with...
  • Nitish Aggarwal
    Mobile App
    This project is divided into two parts, building an API over the already built ruby app and building a new cross platform mobile app for...
  • Shubhankar Sharma
    Refactor simulator code and Desktop App
    My proposal has 3 parts Making a Separate Repository and Refactoring Simulator Code: The first part is refactoring of the simulator code base. For...