SCoRe has conducted research covering various aspects of Security, Mobile & IOT.

The Sustainable Computing Research Lab (SCoRe) has conducted research covering various aspects of mobile, cloud, IoT, digital forensic, information security and more. The goal of our research is to generate computing solutions through identifying low-cost methodologies and strategies that lead to sustainability​.

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  • python
  • mobile
  • cloud
  • web development
  • machine learning


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SCoRe Lab 2020 Projects

  • Pasindu Kuruppuarachchi
    A DLT-based Trust Framework for IoT Ecosystems
    This proposal will present a scalable attributed based access control mechanism based on the Hyperledger Fabric platform. The ABAC model is a new...
  • Heshan Geasman
    Automated deployments and testing for is a way of installing software on Linux, MacOS machines simply using cURL. maintains a repository of publicly available...
  • Lakindu Akash
    Bug Zero gateway
    For bug bounty programs such as Bug Zero, organizations may need to expose their vulnerable systems securely only specific Hackers and monitor their...
  • Ravindu De Silva
    ChainKeeper - Optimized Blockchain Analytical Interface
    ChainKeeper is a web-based application that can be used to retrieve Bitcoin blockchain. From the context of analysis, bitcoin addresses are very...
  • CodeLabz is a platform that provides users (organisations, individuals) to create and engage in online tutorials. It will be developed using Google...
  • CodeLabz is a platform where the users can engage with online tutorials and the organizations can create tutorials for the users. The platform will...
  • Asitha Indrajith
    Community Dictionary
    Community Dictionary (ComDict) is a crowdsourced online dictionary for multiple languages. Each head term in the dictionary is defined only in...
  • Vinuri Bandara
    Community Dictionary - A crowd-sourced multilingual dictionary
    This project focuses on developing a crowd-sourced dictionary which will support the English language as well as multiple other languages. The...
  • Poornima Rangoda
    CrawlerX - Extensible, Distributed, Scalable Crawler System
    Web crawling often called web scraping is a method of programmatically going over a collection of web pages and extracting data which is useful for...
  • Omal Vindula
    Dengue Stop Community Application and Admin Panel
    Dengue Stop is a project which helps officials to monitor the dengue incidents and metrics all over the world/country in a meaningful manner so that...
  • Harshit Verma
    Express Python
    Express Python is a Python code editor designed to be a valuable companion application for learning and competitive programming. It runs easily on...
  • Devon Wijesinghe
    Generalized Website Builder” using Gatsby JS
    Building and maintaining a website is an essential task for any business or organization. This project aims to ease the workflow of getting a website...
  • Dilum De Silva
    ImageLab is a standalone tool which supports anyone to get started with image processing related concepts and techniques in an interactive, less...
  • Mehant Kammakomati
    Integrate a cluster monitoring and alerting system using Prometheus for the Bassa kubernetes cluster and write client libraries for better usage of Bassa API server.
    Bassa has been deployed on a single node Kubernetes cluster with good orchestration yet there is a need for a dedicated monitoring and alerting...
  • Lakshyajeet Dwivedee
    Integrate ML module for LabelLab
    LabelLab allows the user to upload images and label them using bounding boxes and polygons. Currently, there is no way for the user to build models...
  • made777
    Integrate Splash based website Crawler and Analysis Interface for Tor Scraper
    The Tor network is a volunteer-run system that helps make internet use more anonymous. Tor Scraper can crawl web pages hosted on the ToR network. At...
  • Aditya Bhatnagar
    Labellab - Revamp the web application
    LabelLab is an image analysing and classification platform. It can handle labelling bulks of images of different formats in order to be used for...
  • Sashika Nawarathne
    LabelLab - Updating the mobile application
    Labellab is an image labeling and classification tool for researchers. Currently, the mobile app supports image uploading and labeling. The goal of...
  • Rajitha Warusavitarana
    Node Cloud: Implement development road-map
    Node cloud is a NodeJS library which helps developers to switch between cloud providers. Node cloud supports AWS, Azure, Google cloud, Alibaba and...
  • shivanshu1333
    Implementation of a web client with additional features for open-source Android smartphone forensic tool that'll help digital forensic investigators...
  • Raven is a cloud-native API monitoring tool to monitor the health of 3rd party APIs. APIs can be grouped by spaces. A target represents APIs to be...
  • Nimesha
    In commerce, supply chain management, the management of the flow of goods and services, involves the movement and storage of raw materials, of...
  • jiraiya665
    TAF - Test Automation Framework
    TAF is a new Cloud-based Universal Test Automation Framework that mainly focuses on regression testing. So it will greatly improve the quality and...
  • dande9304
    Tor Scraper
    The Tor Scraper is a dark web tor hidden service crawler. It starts crawling from a given .onion URL list(seed list) and it also discovers new hidden...
  • Hansika Wanniarachchi
    Ukiyo - A push based container update tool
    The idea of this project is to implement a lightweight agent run on the docker which facilitate push-based solution for automating container...