We curate and publish community maintained data sets, focused on music and books

The MetaBrainz Foundation is a non-profit that believes in free, open access to data. It has been set up to build community maintained databases and make them available in the public domain or under Creative Commons licenses.

Our data is mostly gathered by volunteers and verified by peer review to ensure it is consistent and correct. All non-commercial use of this data is free, but commercial users are asked to support us in order to help fund the project. We encourage all data users to contribute to the data gathering process so that our data can be as comprehensive as possible.

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  • python
  • postgres
  • solr
  • perl
  • spark


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MetaBrainz Foundation Inc. 2020 Projects

  • Pantelis Tzamalis
    AcousticBrainz - New machine learning infrastructure
    This project proposes the development of a module that uses Machine Learning to classify correctly the audio-based relative data which is extracted...
  • Ishaan Shah
    Adding Statistics and Graphs for ListenBrainz Users and Community
    ListenBrainz now has a statistics infrastructure that collects and computes statistics from the listen data that has been stored in the database....
  • Somal Chakraborty
    Designing Responsive UI and Completing Fragmented Features of MusicBrainz(Android)
    MusicBrainz for Android was first created in 2010-11. In the year 2019,the app went through a significant update as part of GsoC’19 .The complete...
  • Shivam Kapila
    GSoC 2020: Add 'love/hate a recording' and 'delete a listen' support to ListenBrainz
    ListenBrainz currently only displays the list of listens imported into a user's profile and the basic stats about the artists that a user has...
  • Rohit Dandamudi
    Spam detection with online learning
    The idea of implementing a solution for spam i.e SpamBrainz started in 2017. Since then, there has been progress towards it by implementing a high...
  • lucifer
    To make MusicBrainz for Android stable and robust
    The project has been under constant development for almost a year now. In the past one year, the app has been reworked to compile with the current...
  • Prabal Singh
    User Collections : BookBrainz
    Bookbrainz lacks a feature which allows a person to make a collection of entities (edition, edition-group, work, author, publisher) for his/her...