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Wikimedia envisions a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. It spans various projects, local chapters and support structures of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. There are 13 projects that Wikimedia officially supports including Wikipedia, a fifth most popular site on the internet and a well known free knowledge project in the world. Wikipedia is used by more than 400 million people every month in over 300 languages. Some of Wikipedia's sister projects are Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, MediaWiki, Wikivoyage, etc. All major projects of Wikimedia are collaboratively developed by users around the world using the MediaWiki software. There is much more to do that you can help Wikimedia achieve: stabilize infrastructure, increase participation, improve quality, increase reach and foster innovation. Read more about Wikimedia on our homepage.

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Wikimedia Foundation 2020 Projects

  • Madhur Gupta
    Add leaderboard based on user's edits using Commons Android app
    The Wikimedia Commons Android app allows users to upload pictures from their Android phone/tablet to Wikimedia Commons. Commons is not only the image...
  • Sohom Datta
    Creating a page-list editing widget for the ProofreadPage extension
    Creating a widget in the ProofreadPage extension using the OOUI library that will help smooth out the experience for new users editing pagelists in...
  • Swapnil Sinha
    Design and implement a tool to create overlays on pre-rendered offline maps for Internet In A Box
    The Internet In A Box is a platform to provide offline access to educational content like Wikipedia slices, medical knowledge, videos, books, maps to...
  • Ostrzyciel
    Detecting reverts and tagging reverted edits
    In MediaWiki it is currently very hard to find and filter out edits that were later reverted (i.e. removed) from an article, it is also hard to...
  • Soham Parekh
    Evaluate WebdriverIO replacements for our browser automation framework
    Currently all the frontend automation tests for MediaWiki are written in Javascript using WebDriverIO which uses Selenium under the hood. While...
  • QEDK
    goodbot: a simple, friendly bot for Wikimedia Zulipchat
    goodbot is a help-chatbot intended for helping out new applicants of Wikimedia Outreach programs. The bot is designed to be accurate, modular,...
  • Chaitanya Mittal
    Implement articlequality and draftquality model for ptwiki and apply insights to models for bs, uk, hi wikis
    The current automatic classification system in place for the ptwiki is very naive and simply checks a few if conditions and places articles...
  • Ajumal P A
    Improve the framework to transfer files over the LAN
    The transfer method in is responsible for copying data from one host to another. This is a highly used function in DB management....
  • Shashwat Kathuria
    Improve Wiki Education Dashboard's Error Monitoring
    WikiEduDashboard pulls huge data related to a wide range of WikiMedia projects via MediaWiki API, across groups of editors. This scales upwards when...
  • Gabriel Lee (gabrielchl)
    Media Data Verification Tool
    Since Wikimedia Commons introduced structured data to the files hosted on the site, users are encouraged to add structured data to the files....
  • Amit A Joki
    Reduce Bundle Size
    The WikiEduDashboard's current bundle size is around 4.3 MB. That is a lot of code that's being downloaded and parsed on the client. The user...
  • Amr El-Absy
    Remove use of jQuery UI from Page Forms.
    jQuery UI is formally deprecated among MediaWiki Developers, but Extension: Page Forms still uses it. So, it would be great to replace it with other...
  • Adham Khatean
    Supporting the ‘maps’ parameter in TemplateData Editor (GUI)
    Bringing the 'maps' parameter with its full functionality to the TemplateData GUI editor to make it easier for the average non-technical user to...
  • Vidhi Mody
    Upgrade WebdriverIO to the latest version for all repositories
    MediaWiki uses WebdriverIO, an open-source test automation framework, as it’s primary testing framework. WebdriverIO v6.0 was released just a few...