The Ruby programming language, libraries, and Ruby projects

The Ruby organization collects mentors and students working on the Ruby language (MRI), the Ruby packaging system (Bundler, RubyGems, and, and many other Ruby projects. Any Ruby OSS project is eligible to be included in the Ruby GSOC organization.

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Ruby 2020 Projects

  • Pavan Vachhani
    Add gem owner add and remove in web UI of
    gem owner -a/r command is used to add or remove owners by an email. We will add options for adding/removing gem owners via Web UI. Additionally, we...
  • Afront
    Allowing Type Checking in Method Signatures
    Allows Rubyists to enforce a type into a parameter without any DSLs
  • Tadashi Saito
    Brush up RBS and related tools for practical Rails apps
    RBS, a type annotation language and tool for Ruby, is about to be bundled with Ruby 3.0. Gradual typing with RBS allows Rubyists to enjoy the...
  • Hac Duy Quang Nguyen
    GSOC 2020 Proposal for GemStash
    Gemstash has long been serving as a private gem source for developers who wanted to inhabit a personal environment to update and develop their gems....