International digital library of artifacts inscribed with cuneiform writing

The mission of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI) is to collect, preserve and make available images, text and metadata of all artifacts inscribed with the cuneiform script. It is the sole project with this mission and we estimate that our 334,000 catalogue entries cover some two-thirds of all sources in collections around the world. Our data are available publicly at and our audiences comprise primarily scholars and students, but with growing numbers of informal learners.

At the heart of cdli is a group of developers, language scientists, machine learning engineers, and cuneiform specialists who develop software infrastructure to process and analyze curated data. To this effect, we are actively developing two projects: Framework Update and Machine Translation and Automated Analysis of Cuneiform Languages As part of these projects we are building a natural language processing platform to empower specialists of ancient languages for undertaking automated annotation and translation of Sumerian language texts thus enabling data driven study of languages, culture, history, economy and politics of the ancient Near Eastern civilizations. As part of this platform we are focusing on data standardization using Linked Open Data to foster best practices in data exchange and integration with other digital humanities and computational philology projects.

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Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI) 2020 Projects

  • Ajit Jadhav
    Bibliography management and display
    CDLI is moving away from its older flat database and for the occasion has designed a full model for bibliographic data management. This challenge...
  • Samarth Sharma
    Design Integration and Accessibility audit
    The cuneiform digital library initiative has a vivid user base. Coming up with an outstanding first impression is an expectation that cannot be...
  • AmanSingh
    Image Processing Pipeline : From RAW to Archival
    This pipeline would extend the framework's capabilities to process images and convert RAW images to archival view and web view which can be further...
  • Vedant Wakalkar
    Improving CDLI Framework
    CDLI Framework integrates features of the project in a logical infrastructure, prepares new data displays, including machine-readable outputs, to...
  • Nisheal John
    Journals Management & Display
    This project focuses on the publication of various types of journals that CDLI hosts, currently CDLI hosts four journals, two peer-reviewed journals...
  • Lars Willighagen
    Metadata API and Management and Display of Bibliographies
    General points: linked-data metadata with formal schemas metadata API in three parts: base REST API, content negotiation and export links interfaces...
  • Anila Hoxha
    Revamp CDLI tablet apps (Apple and Android)
    CDLI tablet app offers a curated collection of images, text, and metadata of artifacts inscribed with the cuneiform script. Artifacts from the...
  • Himanshu Choudhary
    Translating the whole Ur III corpus
    This project aims to build a full translation pipeline with the integration of NER (Named Entity Recognition) and POS (Part of Speech) tagging of...
  • Logan Born
    Visualization Pipeline for CDLI Accounting Corpora
    This proposal outlines a suite of tools to assist researchers working with the numeric component of CDLI accounting corpora. This includes an...