Universal Access to All Knowledge

The Internet Archive champions the lofty goal of enabling Universal Access to All Knowledge for as many patrons as possible. Progress towards this goal requires both that we engage with the broader community to better understand the needs of our diverse, global audience, and that we incorporate perspectives and contributions from this community. Especially given the organizational mission alignment of the Internet Archive and Google, as well as Internet Archive's commitment to open source, open data, and cultivating inclusive communities, we're excited for the opportunity to continue expanding our offerings through the GSoC program while creating opportunities for students to find a sense of community where they may make an impact they can be proud of.

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Internet Archive 2020 Projects

  • Tabish Shaikh
    Adoption by Book Lover’s
    OpenLibrary.org is the world’s best-kept library secret: Let’s make it easier for book lovers to discover and get started with Open Library.
  • Giacomo Cignoni
    BookReader E2E testing and improvements
    The scope of this project is to improve the BookReader framework in two ways.: The first one is implementing a series of comprehensive end to end...
  • Pushkit Kapoor
    Continue development of the Chrome extension "Wayback Machine"
    The Wayback Machine Extension is a powerful tool that collects and stores information about the search queries you make and the web pages you view to...