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Our open source modules power core features of the Postman app, which is used by over 8 million users across 400,000+ companies.


Command-line tool for running and testing a Postman Collection as part of any pipeline, making Postman collections a unit of compute that can be baked into the software development life cycle, and leveraged as API truth wherever it is needed.

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Postman Code Generators

Convert Postman collections to usable code in more than 20 different programming languages, generating simple client scripts for consumers that are defined by the Postman collections used as the code generators definition.

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The collections you save and share with Postman are all open source and can be shared, exported, published, and used as a unit of currency within any application or system, further extending the reach of the platform. To enable users of various tools to quickly get started, we've introduced modules that convert various API formats (OpenAPI / RAML / GraphQL) to Postman collections.

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Postman Collection SDK + Runtime

The core of Postman is powered by Runtime that helps to execute requests, scripts, and tests in the Postman app. The Collection SDK allows you to create, manage, and automate how collections are defined and put to work across a platform without depending on the application. These two modules are closely associated.

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Postman 2020 Projects

  • Narayan Pai
    Add login feature to Newman
    This project bridges the gap between Postman and Newman by supporting access to Postman-Cloud resources from Newman. This is done by providing two...
  • Somesh Koli
    Enhancements to Postman code generator
    Code generator has been one of the best features in postman. It helps developers to quickly get snippets for the request in multiple languages and...