Computational thinking for all with free visual coding apps

The Catrobat project develops useful frameworks to create games, animations, or apps easily within a short time. This set of mobile creativity tools for smartphones is inspired by the well-known Scratch framework by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. The motivation behind the project is that programming is an important cultural technique on the same level as mathematics and physics, from a practical as well as from a philosophical point of view. Our aim thus is to popularize the skills needed to program from an early age on in a fun and engaging way that will facilitate the spread of its adoption among young people all over the world.

Our awarded Android app “Pocket Code” is currently the most famous outcome of the project. Without the need of any further devices, users have the possibility to create their first program directly on their mobile device in just a few steps using visual "Bricks". Pocket Code supports all common device sensors, provides special "Bricks" for different robotic devices (Lego Mindstorms, Robotix Phiro, etc.) as well as for hardware devices such as the Arduino board or the Raspberry Pi, and of course offers elements of programming languages such as variables, if-statements, concurrency, etc. We also work on "Pocket Code" for iOS and on a large number of extensions. That’s why developers of different fields help us to keep our products up-to-date to meet the current needs of our users.

Motivated by prizes (such as the Lovie Award, the Austrian National Innovation Award or the Re-Imagine Education Award) and being featured by different programs (like Google Play for Education or, our team is working on many different subprojects and extensions which will be released in the coming years. Over 500 developers already contributed to our project on different topics such as App-Development, Web-Technologies, Graphics, Usability, Internationalization, or Design.

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  • java
  • android
  • swift
  • ios
  • php


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Catrobat 2020 Projects

  • DinosaurierRex
    Android: Separate and modularize interpreter and IDE in Pocket Code (refactoring)
    Modularize Pocket Code so that we end up with one separate module for each the IDE and the Interpreter. In Pocket Code the IDE is seen as the...
  • Yash Punia
    Awesome Demo Game Project - Batroid
    Batriod - A Pocket Code Game Batroid is a 2D side scrolling action/adventure game where the main character Batrix has to fight an evil species to...
  • Stella Lukasser
    Embroidery Robot Programming Proposal
    The Embroidery Robot Programming project is about developing new embroidery designs and implementing them by using the Pocket Code IDE app. It should...
  • Dhrubojyoti Biswas
    Enhancement to Catrobat iOS Application
    The idea is to add new features as well as to improve existing features in the Catrobat iOS app (Catty). The app mainly focuses on making programming...
  • Stefan Bortolas
    Implementation of Landscape mode for Catty
    I would like to implement the landscape mode for the iOS Version of Pocket Code. The User should be able to choose between portrait and landscape...
  • Neel Makhecha
    Implementing Pen Bricks and UI & Usability Improvements for 'Pocket Code' (Catty) - iOS Implementation of Catrobat language
    Pen Bricks will allow users to draw in a running Catrobat scene by controlling the motion of a sprite or object from the scripts. This project...
  • Daria Divenkova
    OCR sensors for Pocket Code
    Using different API for the OCR recognition, we can create a new set of Pocket Code sensors for different interactions. It will be possible to...
  • Jude Birch
    Pocket Moon - Farming game demo project
    Create a 2D game in Pocket Code, inspired by Stardew Valley and the Harvest Moon Series.
  • Daniel Metzner
    Redesign and refactoring of the share platform
    Possible examples: Redesign the user-profile and user-project pages a cleaner more modern design improve performance (E.g. caching for...
  • Julia Herold
    Redesign Landing Page
    I’m in my last semester of the bachelor’s degree “Software Development and Business Management” and trying to improve my skills and experience. I’m...
  • Amela Kurtić
    Refactoring of test system and alternative API testing
    Description: The test system needs to be refactored and split up to speed up testing processes with the already existing docker container. Tests need...
  • Josip Letica
    Web: Implement new OAuth Provider and refactor Google Sign-In
    I am interested in the Implementation of the new OAuth provider and refactoring of Google Sign In. I will implement the new OAuth (HWIOAuthBundle)...