Open-source 2D animation software


Synfig is a 2D open-source animation software. It is capable to produce vector artwork and also can work with bitmap images.

The main concept of Synfig is "tweening" - you can define object positions or shapes of vector objects at certain points of time and program will interpolate in-between frames automatically. You can also use bones to control your animation on higher level.

With Synfig you can easily create motion graphics and cut-out animations for product explanation videos, tutorial videos, and more.

Main features

- Vector tweening Transform any vector shape into another! Synfig gives you powerful tools to control every vertex of your vector artwork. Just set the key positions and inbetween frames will be calculated automatically.

- Layers and Filters Synfig provides 50+ layers to create artwork and animation of any complexity. Choose from various layer types: geometric, gradients, filters, distortions, transformations, fractals and others.

- Bones A bone system allows to create cutout animation using bitmap images or control your vector artwork. With an additional Skeleton Distortion layer it is possible to apply complex deformations to bitmap artwork.

- Linking elements You can link parameters of various layers – directly or through mathematical expressions. This allows you to create advanced character puppets and other dynamic structures.

Examples of works created with Synfig

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  • c++
  • gtk
  • gtkmm
  • python


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Synfig 2020 Projects

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