making space together

We are, a small team of space makers solving space problems together with Small Satellite Student Society University of Stuttgart (KSat e.V.) and the ep2lab of Charles III University of Madrid. In 2011, we started as an independent student group at the University of Stuttgart to provide massive computing power with our distributed computting platform Constellation to everyone needing it for space simulations. Over time, we attracted international young professionals of the space industry and the local maker community and thus becoming a full fletched and indipendent citizen science project.

We are a community project of several Projects working of different Teams in Stuttgart and globally. Together with the Small Satellite Student Society University of Stuttgart (KSat e.V.) , the Distributed Ground Station Network Team, we are working on the SOURCE CubeSat mission and while it is coasting in near space, we try tracking it and other cubesats faster than US NORAD. With the Comet Trails software, we are simulating cometary dust particles for the IMEX project of the European Space Agency (ESA).

We are a small organization but having impact within the global space community and helping realizing space exploration by creativity and open access. We are open for everybody interested in space for the betterment of everybody. Feel kindly invited to join our ZULIP chat and ask us everything about space!

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  • python
  • vhdl
  • raspberry pi
  • sqlite
  • c++


  • Science and Medicine
  • cubesats
  • space applications
  • software defined radio
  • distributed computing
  • simulations
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  • Robin Müller
    Device Handler Development for the SOURCE Project
    GSOC 2020 - Device Handler Development for the SOURCE Project Introduction I am Robin Mueller, a graduate student in aerospace engineering at the...
  • Andrey Pak
    Doppler-based Orbit Determination Using Network of Low-Cost Ground Stations
    The problem of near-Earth environment congestion has become increasingly important due to the growing number of both active and inactive Resident...
  • Ginés Salar
    Finite Fourier series approximation of low-thrust lunar ballistic trajectories
    The present proposal tries to give attention to the CR3BP in its potential applications for Earth-Moon transfers, as well as propose an alternative...
  • Brandon Escamilla
    The objective of this project is to optimize MOLTO for production purposes due to different reasons related to the users flow and the asynchronous...
  • Nikhil Mishra
    Orbit determination of continuous and sporadic signals.
    With increasing popularity in CubeSat technologies, it has gotten ever so important to have low-cost systems that complement the economical and...