DJ Mixing App With Powerful Features For All DJs

Mixxx is a feature rich DJ mixing application. It supports many MIDI and HID DJ controllers, runs on Win Linux and MacOs. It supports effects, harmonic mixing and beatmatching.

Mixxx has an unusually broad community for an open-source project, encompassing performing musicians, C++ addicts, amateur DJs, Internet radio broadcasters, and casual users.

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  • c++
  • qt
  • javascript
  • deep learning


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Mixxx 2020 Projects

  • Cristiano Lacerda
    Downbeats and phrase detection
    For a seamless blending of tracks it is required not only aligned beats and downbeats, but also that the phrases are matched. Currently, Mixxx can...
  • Harshit Maurya
    Measures, Downbeats, Bars and Phrases
    The project aims at improving the audio track analysis features to compute information such as downbeat, time signature, measures, and phrases....
  • xerus
    Mixxx Macros
    There are moves through which a DJ expresses himself - and there are many other, sometimes tedious tasks that need to be done as groundwork. Instead...