Powerful, modern, open source team chat, complete with apps for every platform.

Zulip is a powerful, open source group chat application. It competes with Slack, IRC, Jabber, and dozens of other team chat tools designed to help teams (whether open source projects or companies) collaborate effectively via its unique threading model. Zulip supports fast search, drag-and-drop file uploads, image previews, group private messages, configurable notifications, missed-message emails, markdown message rendering, and much more -- essentially everything you might want.

Unlike Slack, it’s open source and has a welcoming community of over 500 volunteer contributors. Unlike IRC/Jabber/etc., Zulip is a complete, modern application, with a nice web interface, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and desktop apps for Mac/Linux/Windows. And unlike all other popular group chat tools, Zulip is designed to make conversations more efficient through its unique threading system that helps teams manage large numbers of messages. In particular, Zulip makes it easy to have multiple conversations at the same time with the same groups of people, and easy to catch up on hundreds or thousands of messages quickly without missing anything important.

Zulip is known for its extensive developer documentation (150,000 words and growing!), code quality, and tooling, and thus is the ideal project to work on to learn how to build a high-quality web application. Our goal in the GSoC program is for each successful student to grow into becoming the maintainer of one or more major components by the end of the program.

As an organization, we value high-quality mentorship and high quality product -- you can expect to learn a lot about how to make a large software project successful from disciplined code reviews by highly experienced engineers. Your GSoC experience with the Zulip project will be highly interactive (with daily chat checkins with mentors, experts, and other students), with a focus on teaching you the concepts and reasoning behind how Zulip is engineered and how to make it better.

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  • python
  • react native
  • django
  • typescript
  • electron


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Zulip 2020 Projects

  • Clara Moraes Dantas
    Authentication, Admin/Org Settings and User Settings
    Work on backend and frontend of the areas Authentication, Settings(admin/org) and Settings(user), focusing on solving high priority and enhancement...
  • Preet Mishra
    Bringing Zulip Terminal’s Experience Closer to the Web App
    Zulip Terminal (zulip-term) is a TUI based Zulip’s client. It targets a niche group of users who like to work primarily from their terminal. For the...
    Building an efficient Test Suite and Improving the Zulip Desktop App (Electron)
    My primary objective of this project would be building an efficient electron test suite (e2e and karma unit tests), Revamping the UI including some...
  • Mohit Gupta-1
    Code refactors, Test cleanup, Search filter enhancement and Keyboard support
    Work have been focused upon: Refactor of code related to tests Cleaning up logging output and verifying it without printing in test output making CI...
  • Kartik Srivastava
    Documenting and Enhancing Zulip's REST API
    The Project aims at enhancing Zulip’s REST API and filling the gap in its Documentation which is an important resource for any organization...
  • Hashir Sarwar
    Enhance the server-side mobile, mobile web and markdown areas
    This is a full-stack project that aims to fix high priority bugs, extend features, and improve the overall experience in the following domains: Push...
  • Sahil Batra
    Enhancing user experience of Zulip web-app
    Main focus of my project would be to enhance the overall user experience of Zulip by adding some new features and also updating existing features...
  • Aditya Verma-1
    Improve openapi and zulip-python-api
    Add and improve zulip-python-api bots and contribute to openapi documentation.
  • Jagan Sivam
    Improving Settings and Administration UI
    Improving Existing Settings and Administration UI by fixing this issues Add generic support for configuring organization default settings values for...
  • Kaustubh Nair
    Improving Zulip's terminal client
    To make Zulip's terminal application as robust as it's web counterpart I will be working on the following enhancements: Improve typeaheads (...
  • Priyank
    TypeScript, Puppeteer and Zulip Features
    Proposal proposes TypeScript migration for type-checking. Switch from Casper to Puppeteer. Lastly, high priority zulip features like Report Spam,...
  • Siddharth Varshney
    UI Improvement, CSS Refactoring and Documentation Improvement
    The idea behind this project is to improve the current CSS code quality by refactoring it and utilizing more SCSS rules, improve UI of commonly used...
  • Arpit Sharma
    Upgrading Installer and Tooling
    This project will focus on solving several high priority issues related to the Installer and Tooling of Zulip. It mainly aims to add strength in the...
  • Ryan Rehman
    User-centric work towards making Zulip greater for open source communities.
    This proposal consists of bundles of projects aimed primarily at open source communities using Zulip along with various user centric features. They...
  • Vinit Singh
    Widgets, Miscellaneous Features & Bug fixes
    Work on adding new widgets, miscellaneous features, and bug fixes.
  • agrawal-d
    Work on achieving a seamless mobile experience
    This project involved improving the mobile app. Primarily, the work was on developing high-priority features for the app. Apart from this, the...
  • Dinesh Chidipothu
    Work on Authentication and other backend issues
    Project mainly involves working on authentication issues and other backend issues along with replacing CasperJS tests with Puppeteer. It also...
  • Tejas Tank
    Zulip’s Onboarding UX Overhaul
    The project mainly focuses on the overhaul of the on-boarding user experience. It’ll include working on the backend to implement new features to ease...