Linux Foundation’s open source project for smart legal contracts.

A leading Linux Foundation open source initiative developing an ecosystem and open source tools for smart agreements. Smart agreements promise to reduce friction and transaction costs in the creation and management of contracts and commercial relationships. Enabling this future requires the necessary tools to format, share, execute, and manage legally enforceable machine-readable agreements. establishes and maintains a technology neutral foundation for smart legal contracts. The goal is to provide universal technology and tooling that introduces a common format for smart agreements, reducing the need to adopt and learn different technologies and future-proofing templates. Moreover, this facilitates the use of executable agreements across any infrastructure: cloud, blockchain, IoT. Furthermore, Accord Project provides domain specific functionality, meaning it is purposely designed and engineered for building and running commercial agreements, not generic applications.

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  • javascript
  • react
  • coq
  • ocaml
  • compiler


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Accord Project 2020 Projects

  • Aman Sharma-1
    Cicero Word Add-In
    A Cicero extension for Microsoft Word will enable lawyers to write “Smart Legal Contracts” directly on the Word document itself. This will extend...
  • Patrik Keller
    WASM support for Accord Project Templates
    Implement a new Web Assembly compiler backend for Accord Project's smart contract language (Ergo). This will allow Accord Project users to deploy...