Our goal is to empower people of all backgrounds to learn how to program.

The Processing Foundation was founded in 2012 after more than a decade of work with the original Processing software. The Foundation’s mission is to promote software literacy within the visual arts, and visual literacy within technology-related fields — and to make these fields accessible to diverse communities. Our goal is to empower people of all interests and backgrounds to learn how to program and make creative work with code, especially those who might not otherwise have access to these tools and resources.

We do this by developing and distributing a group of related software projects, which includes Processing (Java), p5.js (JavaScript), and Processing.py (Python), and facilitating partnerships and collaborations with allied organizations and individuals, to build a more diverse community around software and the arts.

The Processing Foundation is specifically invested in expanding the communities of technology and the arts to include and support those who have not had equal access because of their race, gender, class, sexuality, and/or disability. We sponsor a Fellowship Program that funds exploratory, creative, and technical research; support an Advocacy Program, which focuses on nurturing diverse communities and their specific projects; produce public events that provide platforms for collaboration between our contributors; and take part in panels and talks that spread the word about the need for diversity in these fields.

At our core is the philosophy and politics of free, libre, open-source software. We see software as a medium, something that connects two things. We view it as a means for thinking and making. We believe it should be free. We believe that learning to program is not about acquiring a certain skill set, but is instead a creative and exploratory process. We believe software, and the tools to learn it, should be accessible to everyone. We believe software literacy and an understanding of media of all kinds is essential knowledge for today.

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  • python
  • android
  • opengl
  • java
  • javascript


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Processing Foundation 2020 Projects

  • Akshay Padte
    Extending p5.js Friendly Error System
    The Friendly Error System in p5.js helps beginners with common errors, transforming error messages into a simpler form and checking for common...
  • Thales Grilo
    Improved Web Editor Mobile UI
    The Web Editor is at the core of the p5 community. With over a million saved sketches, it is a great tool for creators and an attraction for many...
  • Ziyao Zhang
    Improving p5py
    This project aims to improve the p5py API and implement new features. Specifically, the base goals are: Standardize p5py API so it's as close as...
  • Connie Liu-1
    Increasing Organization and Scope of the p5.js Showcase
    My proposed project is to develop the p5.js showcase to allow users to filter through the projects by the libraries or functions that are used within...
  • Yukie Nomiya
    Italian translation and i18n improvements
    My project aims at making the internationalisation process of the p5.js website easier and more accessible to contributors, while also simplifying...
  • Inhwa Yeom
    p5 for 50+ teaching
    Reaching out to 50 and more p5 educators around the world, “p5 for 50+ teaching” aims to contribute in documenting, showcasing, and sharing teaching...
  • Omar Verduga
    P5 Web Editor Spanish Translation
    I propose to improve and expand the Spanish translation of the p5.js web editor and documentation,(with a strong focus on the Latin American...
  • Luis Morales-Navarro
    p5.js accessibility and canvas descriptions
    This project aims to continue the p5.js accessibility efforts by merging the text output and table output functionalities of the accessibility add-on...
    Support for Kotlin Native
    Add support of Kotlin/Native in processing-android. Migration of Java based processing's android mode to Kotlin. Spilt Android specific logic from...
  • Juan Lee
    Swift Processing Library Development
    I propose to work on the open issues and also bring the Camera functionality and 3D primitives to Swift Processing.
  • Divyanshu Raj
    Use ES6 Import and Classes in p5.Sound library
    This project aims to upgrade the codebase to use es6 features and change the current module format( AMD) and loaders(requierJS) to modern es6...