The IDI addresses the challenge of designing ICT to work for all potential users

The IDRC is the lead organization of the Inclusive Design Institute (IDI), a collaboration of eight Ontario post secondary institutions, together focusing on the development of inclusive information technology. The IDRC is primarily a research and development organization, part of the Faculty of Design at OCAD University in Toronto. Its primary mandate is to promote access to information and information technology for all. Many of its activities involve working with international and local standards groups to introduce accessibility related specifications into their developing standards. It is an organization made up of computer scientists, engineers, educators, and practitioners, who all work together to develop leading edge technologies that are inclusive of everyone.

The IDRC and IDI are not-for-profit organizations. They offer services for people with disabilities, providing guidance on issues related to learning, technology use, and access to information.

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  • javascript
  • html
  • css
  • node.js


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Inclusive Design Institute 2020 Projects

  • Sachin Chopra
    Migrate FLOE and Fluid project websites to a Modern Static Site Generator
    The FLOE Project site is currently using static, hand-coded HTML, while the Fluid Project site is currently built using DocPad. Even though...
  • Divyanshu Mahajan
    Using a Game Controller as a Navigation Aid
    Until now, the traditional ways to navigate across a web browser are by using a mouse or a keyboard. Browser navigation was not much extended as an...