End Poverty One Line of Code at a Time

Our mission is to democratize financial services worldwide by fueling community-led innovation on top of an open source core banking platform enabling the effective & efficient delivery of digital financial services (DFS) to the poor. Our unprecedented approach unites financial institutions, local technology partners & volunteer developers to collectively advance open source banking infrastructure to sustainably build impactful innovations in digital financial services.

More than 13 million clients are being reached by 350 financial institutions & fintech innovators who use the Mifos software to power their operations across 40+ countries. They are supported by a global community of 100 deployment partners & hundreds of volunteers.

For the past 15 years, we’ve been at the forefront of transformative technology, building an end to end open source stack for DFS. Our technology stack provides complete banking infrastructure that is cloud-native, mobile-enabled & scalable to billions that are underbanked. Think of our stack as a set of Open Source Lego Blocks for DFS including flexible account management, Mifos X, leveraging Open Source Core Banking APIs from Apache Fineract and Fineract CN, integrating with digital payment rails like Mojaloop, delivered via web & mobile apps through Open Banking APIs.

You'll work with a global community of brilliant minds guided by our shared vision of creating a world of 3 Billion Maries. You'll be mentored by leading fintech developers to build cutting edge innovation:

  • Mobile Wallets & Mobile Banking Apps via SMS, USSD, & Android
  • Android Apps to empower field officers to effectively serve the poor
  • New apps leveraging AI and machine learning
  • Angular web apps for managing the back office of a financial institution
  • Cutting edge web apps for self-service banking for the poor
  • Cloud-native, enterprise banking architecture
  • Microservice orchestration tools like our Payment Hub to integrate with real-time payment systems like Mojaloop.
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  • android
  • java
  • angular
  • mysql
  • spring


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The Mifos Initiative 2020 Projects

  • Shashank Priyadarshi
    Android Field Operations
    Android Field operation application based on Mifos X is a robust core banking platform that is developed for field officers using which they process...
  • Subham Pramanik
    Build GSMA Mobile Money API Connector for Mifos Payment Hub
    As part of our DIAL-funded project to integrate Mifos with the open source Mojaloop payments platform the team from DPC consulting built out a...
  • Mehul Arora
    Computer Vision Based PPI Tool Version 2.0
    The Poverty Probability Index (PPI®) is a poverty measurement tool for organizations and businesses with a mission to serve the poor. The PPI is...
  • Yash Khare
    Computer Vision Based PPI Tool Version 2.0
    The Poverty Probability Index (PPI) is a poverty measurement tool for organizations and businesses with a mission to serve the poor. A PPI survey...
  • Ashwin Ramakrishnan
    Conversion of Mifos Mobile to Kotlin
    Mifos Mobile is an Android Application built on top of the MifosX Self-Service platform for end-user customers to view/transact on the accounts and...
  • Rahul Pawar
    Credit Bureau Integration Phase 3
    Credit Bureau Integration Phase 3 will aim to extend the modules and also to create a base infrastructure.
  • Ahmad Jawid Muhammadi
    Fineract CN Mobile 4.0
    Fineract-CN-Mobile is an Android app for Digital Financial services, that is built on top of the FIneract-CN platform. It provides banking solutions...
  • Ashutosh Sharma
    Implementing configuration wizard in the web app and additional screens and workflow in Payment Hub EE Operations UI app.
    The project aims to implement a configuration wizard in the web app for the ease of new users to understand the workflow of web app and initial...
  • Abhijeet Khangarot
    Implementing Digital Bank/Challenger Bank for staff (back-office) on Fineract CN
    Apache Fineract CN is an Application Framework for Digital Financial Services. It is a system to support nationwide financial transactions and to...
  • Chinmay Kulkarni
    Mifos Android SDK
    Mifos Android SDK is a library focused on providing a simple interface to interact with the Apache Fineract 1.x Platform APIs. Currently, in all the...
  • Shivangi Singh
    Mifos Mobile 5.0
    Mifos Mobile is a mobile banking app that allows financial institutions using MifosX or Apache Fineract to provide an omnichannel banking experience...
  • Garvit Agarwal
    Mifos Mobile CN 3.0 - Mobile Banking App for Fineract CN
    Mifos Mobile CN is a reference mobile banking app on top of the Apache Fineract CN architecture, which allows a client to securely authenticate...
  • Ankur Sharma-1
    Mifos Open Banking Framework & Application
    Open Banking is seen as the Future of Fintech as it is revolutionising the way we manage our money. Mifos Open Banking Application would re-energise...
  • Karan Takalkar
    Mifos X Web App Angular 7 Rewrite
    Mifos X Web App is the revamped version of the Mifos X Community App, an effective financial inclusion solution and the default web application built...
  • Muskan Khedia
    Mifos X Web App Angular 7 Rewrite
    Mifos X is a platform for delivering financial services. Mifos web-app serves as the main view of the financial platform. It is a revamped version of...
  • Devansh Aggarwal
    Mobile Wallet - Android Application Version 4.0
    Mobile Wallet is an Android-based framework for digital wallet use cases based on top of the Apache Fineract 1.x platform. The project follows the...
  • Manish Kumar-M
    Online Banking App 4.0
    Propsosal to bring up the Online banking app utilising self service APIs and Open Banking Standards