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We produce high-quality, security-focused, open, flexible IP via projects like the OpenTitan silicon root of trust ( Our expertise includes processor and SoC design — with a particular focus on hardware security, design verification, RISC-V tools, and the LLVM compiler. Our mission is to unlock the potential of open source silicon and enable its widespread adoption, with more credible, accessible and efficient silicon solutions than exist today.

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  • systemverilog
  • c++
  • fpga
  • python
  • risc-v


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  • open hardware
  • compilers
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lowRISC 2020 Projects

  • Yuichi Sugiyama
    Proof-of-concept integration of pointer authentication support in Ibex
    Pointer Authentication is a software security primitive that makes it much harder for an attacker to aggravate attacks targeting arbitrary code...
  • Flavien Solt
    Simulated memory controller
    Project goal The goal of this project is to devise and implement a simulation-ready memory controller dedicated to benchmarking processor cores...