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The MIT App Inventor platform is both an app development platform and a tool for educators to teach computer science principles to students. Our team provides reference documentation for the app APIs we develop and we have former CS and math teachers on staff who write curriculum for middle and high school students. As mentors to technical writers, we would emphasize the accessibility of the technical documentation by a wide range of users of App Inventor, especially due to the range of experience levels.

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  • javascript
  • java
  • google web toolkit
  • android
  • junit


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MIT App Inventor 2020 Projects

  • Hemani Kaul
    Add Different Preview Options To The Designer
    This project is related to Designer which will introduce new theme styles preview option in App Inventor when the Device Default option is clicked....
  • Diego Barreiro
    Enhancing the experience of App Inventor developers with Google Play
    Each operating system has its own "packages" that allow installing different applications to extend the features in the device. Android is not an...
  • Sara Singhal
    Implement Menu Component and Sidebar
    As a part of my GSoC proposal, I plan to integrate a Menu component in the existing MIT App Inventor. Menus are a common user interface component...
  • Suyash Jain
    Implement Tab Bar Layout
    This project aims to add a Tab Bar arrangement component to the existing App Inventor. It is a better way for the users to organise their data and...
  • Beka Westberg
    Operation Options: Enumeration blocks for App Inventor
    App Inventor is a web application for building Android apps, which includes a block-based coding editor. The editor includes many blocks which accept...
  • Pavitra Golchha
    Visible Component Extensions
    Currently, extensions are limited to just non-visible components. Due to this, extensions can't be dragged into the screen designer. To work around...