Open Technology for Professional Film Production

The goal of the award winning apertus° project is to create free and open technology for todays professional cinema and film production landscape and make all the generated knowledge freely available. It all started with creating an open modular camera system consisting of several hardware and software parts using Elphel™ hardware. Now with the efforts to build the very first open digital cinema camera AXIOM from scratch the apertus° project has evolved to the next level: into a platform for film-makers, creative industry professionals, artists and enthusiasts. apertus° is more than just a software/hardware collection, it's a knowledge library, an ecosystem of people supporting each other and advocating freedom.

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  • fpga
  • vhdl
  • c/c++
  • linux
  • embedded


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apertus° Association 2020 Projects

  • MetalDent
    AXIOM Remote
    Bootloader improvement and extension
  • Apoorva Arora
    Bidirectional Packet Protocol for FPGA Communication
    Apertus-Axiom Beta utilizes two Lattice MachXO2s to expand the IOs interfaces for the main processing unit (ZYNQ-SoC). The channel comprises two LVDS...
  • Swaraj Hota
    Linux Kernel Driver for Lattice MachXO2 programming/debugging
    The aim of this project (task #T729) was to make a Linux Kernel Driver to program and debug the Lattice MachXO2 FPGAs present in AXIOM Beta. These...
  • Preeti Menghwani
    Pixel Remapper
    The Axiom Beta currently uses CMV12000 which is a high-speed CMOS image sensor with 4096 by 3072 pixels.The pixels are located at different channels...