Open-source software and hardware technologies for space

One of the most active Libre Space projects is SatNOGS, the open global satellite ground-station network. An open-source participatory project based on the users operating a ground station accessible on the web for all of the network users. A basic ground station up can be set-up using commercial off-the-shelf components that are commonly available with a static omnidirectional antenna, to more complex stations with multiple movable antennas. To facilitate the later we provide open hardware for those that want to build their own. As of the time of writing, 210+ stations are online in the SatNOGS Network, and 100+ are tested globally by University cubesat teams, companies, and individual contributors. Data from the Network are stored in the SatNOGS Database and are visualized in the SatNOGS Dashboard.

Libre Space, together with the University of Patras, are the makers of UPSat, the 1st free software, open-hardware cubesat. Currently, we are developing an open-hardware satellite communication subsystem for CubeSats designed to work seamlessly with the SatNOGS Network. In parallel, we are exploring the smaller PocketQube form factor in our Qubik mission of two PocketQube satellites and a PockeQube deployer system PicoBus.

Libre Space Foundation is also implementing two European Space Agency activities. SDR Maker Space working on several open-source Software Defined Radio sub-activities to facilitate satellite communications and OpenSatCOM working on sustainable development practices for satellite communications projects.

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  • python
  • django
  • sdr
  • embedded
  • space applications


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Libre Space Foundation 2020 Projects

  • Adithya Venkateswaran
    Deep Learning For Cubesat: Behavior Segmentation With Collection Of Contextual Information
    The Polaris project used in-spacecraft data to learn and predict its behavior. The project aimed at adding external sources of data, such as orbit...
  • Ravi Charan Nudurupati
    Python Module for RF Collisions
    While observing a satellite from the ground station, it could lead to more than one satellite being visible from the ground station at a given time...