CHAOSS creates software and metrics to better understand community health

The CHAOSS community is developing metrics, methodologies, and software for expressing open source project health and sustainability. By measuring open source project health, the CHAOSS community seeks to improve the transparency and actionability of open source project health so that relevant stakeholders can make more informed decisions about open source project engagement.

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  • python
  • javascript
  • kibana
  • elasticsearch
  • mysql


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  • analytics
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CHAOSS 2020 Projects

  • bistaastha
    Build Workflow process for CHAOSS D&I Badging Project
    CHAOSS Diversity and Inclusion Badging program aims to encourage projects and events to obtain badges for good diversity and inclusion practices....
  • vchrombie
    Creating Quality models using GrimoireLab and CHAOSS metrics
    GrimoireLab is a powerful open-source platform that provides support for monitoring and in-depth analysis of software projects. It produces a rich...
  • Saicharan Reddy
    Implementation of GitLab Data Collection Worker & Test Coverage Improvement
    The primary goal of this project is to congregate data pertaining to GitLab issues, commits, merge requests amongst other entities & store it into...
  • Abhinav Bajpai
    Implementing GitLab Data Collection Worker and Mapper to bind the responses of GitLab API, Github API & the Augur schema
    The project aims to develop a Gitlab collection worker closely tied up with the Github collection worker using mapper files to bind the intended...
  • Tianyi Zhou
    Large Social Network Analysis and Anomaly Detection with Augur
    Augur is a software that collect data for a list of given repositories and provide a variety of CHAOSS metrics to provides open source health and...
  • Akshara P
    Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection in Open Source Communities
    Augur is a Flask based prototyping web stack for CHAOSS metrics. It provides structured data mined from various sources like git repositories,...
  • Pratik Mishra
    Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection in Open Source Communities
    This project will play one of the most vital roles in achieving Augur's goal towards analysis of open source organisation health.It will not only...
  • Sarit Adhikari
    Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection in Open Source Communities
    Open-source software development is a collaborative effort that requires decentralized decision making from different developers and maintainers. In...
  • Ria Gupta
    Social Currency Metric System
    Implementing Social Currency Metric System (SCMS) will be a huge milestone in providing a better and holistic view of project health in the...