We make tools that learners use to explore, discover, create, and reflect.

Sugar Labs, a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization, had its origins in the One Laptop Per Child project and is has been a member project of the Software Freedom Conservancy since 2008.

At Sugar Labs, we make a collection of tools (Sugar) that learners use to explore, discover, create, and reflect. We distribute these tools freely and encourage our users to appropriate them, taking ownership and responsibility for their learning.

Sugar is both a desktop and a collection of Activities. Activities, as the name implies, are Apps that involve active engagement from the learner. Activities automatically save results to a journal, where reflections are recorded. Activity instances can be shared between learners; many support real-time collaboration.

  • Sugar facilitates sharing and collaboration: Children can write, share books, or make music together with a single mouse-click.
  • Activities, not applications: Sugar activities are applicable beyond the scope of the classroom and even Sugar itself.
  • Automatic backup of Activity work; no worrying about files or folders. Sugar’s Journal makes it almost impossible to lose any data.
  • The Sugar Journal records everything you do: It is a place to reflect upon and evaluate your work.
  • Sugar runs on most computer hardware, including slower machines.
  • Sugar is Free (Libre) Software: It is written in the Python language and easily customized.
  • Sugar is documented by its users: It is easy to use and teachers worldwide have created a wealth of pedagogical materials for it.
  • Sugar is largely written and maintained by its users.
  • Sugarizer is a fork of Sugar available for tablets and phones.
  • Turtle Blocks and Music Blocks are popular programming Apps that run in Sugar, Sugarizer, or stand-alone on the GNU/Linux desktop or in a browser.
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  • python
  • javascript
  • gtk
  • pygame
  • c


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Sugar Labs 2020 Projects

  • Shaan Subbaiah B C
    Debian Advocacy for Sugar
    The project revolved primarily around the testing and debugging of the various releases of Debian (stable, testing, experimental) with Sugar and its...
  • Anindya Kundu
    Music Blocks JavaScript Export
    The aim of Music Blocks is to teach beginners how to program, using a snap-together block-based structure. The purpose of this project is to develop...
  • Aviral Gangwar
    Music Blocks Scale Degree vs n^th Modal Pitch
    There is an underlying issue with scale degree block as we have it now. The current block does not perform the function that musicians expect when...
  • Jui Pradhan
    New releases for atleast 25 Sugar Activities
    Sugar has a lot of activities, with 250+ on GitHub, and more elsewhere. These have scope for improvement; bugs, features, updated human translations,...
  • Saumya Mishra
    Port Sugar and core activities to Python 3
    Sugar has 250+ repositories available on GitHub. Python 2.7.x, was officially discontinued on 1 January 2020. Sugar 0.116 runs on Python 2 or Python...
  • Saksham Mrig
    Resolve 100 issues in Music Blocks
    MusicBlocks has a lot of issues right now and the aim of this repository is to fix these issues efficiently while keeping it easily maintainable in...
  • Prakash Ujjwal
    Sugarizer Game Activity Pack
    The name of the project is Sugarizer Game Activity Pack which consists of two activities - Mind Math activity and Tangram activity. These two...
  • Dhruv Misra
    Sugarizer Knowledge Activity Pack
    I will be creating two activities for Sugarizer (in Vue.js) requested by teachers from Sugarizer deployment in Saint-Ouen: Curriculum The Curriculum...
  • Nikhil Mehra
    Sugarizer School Portal
    Sugarizer School Portal (SSP) is a Kubernetes based portal which provides on-demand Sugarizer Server Deployments. The proposed features include: A...