Multi-Platform Open Source driver for AR/VR/XR devices with stable ABI.

What do we do?

Since the initial launch of the Oculus RIft DK1, OpenHMD has been implementing, reverse engineering and extending AR/VR/XR devices. WIth over 16 devices supported, we are making adoption, development and research in the XR space more accessible then ever!

With ongoing developments in positional tracking, reverse-engineering and research, we are expanding our feature set to be more feature complient to the closed-sourced driver counterparts.

OpenHMD has a constantly active community and is used by researchers, companies, HMD vendors and hobbyists. With a compatible ABI and availability through Linux Distro's, its easy to pick up the library, implement using our simple API and add support for XR in your application. Our stable ABI makes it possible to develop a custom driver and use OpenHMD compatible applications on your custom device.

We support the OpenXR and openvr standards through Monado and SteamVR-OpenHMD, which both implement OpenHMD as a driver backend.

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  • c99
  • opengl
  • vulkan
  • opencv
  • libusb


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