OpenCV, the Open Source Computer Vision Library includes state of the art computer vision and deep learning algorithms (including running deep networks) and apps. It is professionally coded and optimized. It can be used in C++, Python, javascipt, Cuda, OpenCL and Matlab. It runs on: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and MacOS and many embedded implementations such as Raspberry Pi.

It is also useful to look at the change log: and instructions to install on various platforms:

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  • c/c++
  • python 3
  • javascript
  • cuda


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OpenCV 2020 Projects

  • Yoshio Kato
    Better SIFT in the main repository
    The patent on one of the most popular feature detection algorithm, SIFT, expired on 2020/03/06. So, we can move the implementation from the...
  • Akash Sharma-2
    Depth Fusion for large scale environments
    This project aims to modify Kinect Fusion by implementing a hash-based TSDF volume and a global pose optimization strategy for camera tracking...
  • Zhiming Zeng
    Develop OpenCV.js DNN modules for promising web use cases together with their tutorials
    The dnn module of OpenCV.js has the ability and potential to develop interesting interactive deep learning applications on the Web. I'd like to...
  • Jiang Hao
    GPU-enabled OpenCV.js
    My plan is to add a new backend by enabling WebGPU in OpenCV.js. There have been many sophisticated GPU backends including Cuda,OpenCL,Vulkan and...
  • Ajit Pant
    Implementing ColorChecker detector and a better detector for AprilTag
    ColorChecker Chart is used for colour calibration, restoring the original image colours under illumination changes. Detecting them is relatively easy...
  • Maksym Ivashechkin
    Improvement of Random Sample Consensus in OpenCV
    Random Sample Consensus (RANSAC) is an important and popular robust algorithm. It is widely used in many computer vision tasks such as 3D...
  • Archit Rungta
    OpenCV bindings for Julia
    This project aims at creating comprehensive wrapping for OpenCV that allows OpenCV’s functions to be called from Julia. The final bindings would...
  • Kun Liang
    OpenCV.js: WASM SIMD optimization 2.0
    This project aims to optimize the WebAssembly version of OpenCV.js. Some evaluation experiments have shown that current WASM SIMD version has some...
  • Joy2myself
    Optimize OpenCV for RISC-V
    The main objective of the project is adding implementation of wide universal intrinsics for RISC-V in OpenCV Hardware Acceleration Layer (HAL)....
  • Devansh Batra
    Point Clouds Model Fitting Implementation In OpenCV
    The availability of depth sensors such as 3D laser range finders or the Microsoft Kinect provide dense 3D measurements that typically consist of...
  • Jin Yeob Chung
    Real-time Single Object Tracking using Deep Learning
    Recent interest in computer vision has led to a great advance in the development of visual trackers. Specifically, various applications of Kernelized...
  • Wenqing Zhang
    Revise/improve Text & Digit Recognition Samples
    In practice, scene text recognition has been applied to various real-world scenarios, and it has become one of the most popular research topics in...
  • Zihao Mu
    Revise/improve Text & Digit Recognition Samples
    Proposal for Revise/improve Text & Digit Recognition Samples. There are two goals for this project. I have completed the prototype of Goal 1, and I...
  • Anastasia Murzova
    Write a tutorial about training a network in TF or PyTorch and then running it in OpenCV
    TensorFlow (TF) and PyTorch are some of the most popular deep learning frameworks. TF exports networks in its own format; PyTorch supports export of...