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VideoLAN is a non-profit organization focusing on open source multimedia and is the editor of VLC media player and other multimedia applications.

We work on a large amount of projects, with a very wide range of technologies, from C to JS, Go, C#, Java, C++ and asm. We do real-time video, codecs and web development.

VideoLAN has always been powered by students over the years, so we integrate new students quite often to the main VLC team.

We have a lot of new ideas for VLC and for new projects related.

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  • c++
  • asm
  • c
  • go
  • c#


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VideoLAN 2020 Projects

  • Vedaa
    Audio Filters in VLC
    This project aims to add audio upmixing filters in VLC.
  • Tompsci
    AV1 statistics extraction with dav1d
    Currently development of rav1e and other AV1 encoders use open source AV1 analysis tools to extract metadata which is produced at decode time. This...
  • Arnav Ishaan
    Develop a MPD server inside VLC
    A MPD module is to be developed as a control module inside VLC. It should handle requests from any mpc-client. Implementation of MPC Protocol and...
  • Matías L González
    E-AC-3 to AC-3 real time convertion
    EAC3 is one the most popular codecs for audio used nowadays, even been used as a base in the latest versions of object-based codecs. However,...
  • Vatsin Suchak
    Implementing CPU filters on GPU
    The project aims to identify as many of the current VLC video filters implemented on the CPU that can be ported over to the GPU using OpenGL (or...
  • jagannatharjun
    Improving VLC desktop UI
    Project to improve, modenize and provide a more user friendly VLC desktop client on Linux and Windows, build with Qt and QML
  • Swapnanil Dhol
    Making the VLC iOS app more modern and accessible
    The aim of my project is to make the VLC app incorporate new iOS APIs and to make it more accessible for enabling application wide support of Voice...
  • Fatih Uzunoğlu
    Modernizing the Qt GUI - VLC Qt Interface Renovation
    VLC has been a very functional media player with great UX since its very beginning. However, it's UI has not been changed much and does not look...