Open source projects for humanitarian work, international development, and peace

UMBRELLA ORGANIZATION: This GSoC organization hosts many different open source projects from which you can choose! Continue reading for details.

We are a community for builders of free and open source software that serves as digital public goods to humanitarian organizations, international development agencies, non-profits, non-governmental organizations, and charities that strive to create positive social change in communities around the world.

To put it more simply: Our member projects build critical tools that support people making the world a better place. These tools sit at the intersection of international development, humanitarian reponse, and peace-building. Because those tools are open source, people and organizations have the guaranteed freedom to use them to build innovative solutions that help achieve the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

For GSoC 2020, our sub-organizations include:

Head over to the DIAL umbrella org ideas directory for complete details about all our sub-orgs and how to learn more about each of them.

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  • python


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Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) at UN Foundation 2020 Projects

  • Abhishek Garain
    Develop FLINT JSON User Interface
    The Full Lands Integration Tool(FLINT) is an open source modular C++ framework which combines data from different sources like satellite data or...
  • Abhineet
    moja global: Interactive Visualization Tool for GCBM
    A tool for producing interactive visualizations from data generated by the Generic Carbon Budget Model (GCBM). For the moja global sub-org, this...
  • Sulay Shah Develop a module for agricultural soils for FLINT
    FLINT is a modular tool that supports better land management and helps reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide, and allows multiple models...
  • Vyankatesh
    Open Data Kit: Migrate the Database and Integrate ODK-X Push Notifications into ODK-X Tool Suite
    The ODK-X Push Notifications project consists of two applications currently code-named "Skunkworks-Parrot" and "Skunkworks-Bat" .“Parrot” is the...
  • Nidhi Kumari
    Primero user customization package
    The goal of this project is to employ modern frontend technologies and use them in developing front end user customizable skins, that allow...
  • Nitin Bhasneria
    Public Labs: Editor repair and fortification
    The main aim of the project is to improve users' experience in using Public Lab Editor. Currently, the editor has so many bugs present. These bugs...
  • Keshav
    PublicLab: Editor repair and fortification
    PublicLab.Editor is a general purpose, JavaScript modular library for rich text posting, which provides an author friendly minimal, mobile/desktop...
  • Álax de Carvalho Alves
    PublicLab: Mapknitter Export Module and Spectral Workbench upgrades
    For the Spectral Workbench project, Rails and DevOps improvements that will involve upgrading from Rails 3.2 to Rails 6.0, properly setting up...
  • Saumia Singhal
    Rewrite ODK Collect Widgets using the new ‘Widget Framework’
    ODK Collect is an open-source Android Application available on Google Play Store. It helps the users to collect data through survey forms and to...
  • Keshav Sethi
    Spam Management Dashboard (Public Lab)
    This project focuses on the improvement of the Spam management dashboard and makes the user interface much more refined so...
  • João Vitor Ramos
    Tasking Manager: Automatized support for Organised Editing Guidelines in Tasking Manager
    In the current Tasking Manager process of Organised Editing Guidelines, some necessary tasks are executed manually, such as adding a project to...
  • Barkin Simsek
    Tor Project: Cloudflare CAPTCHA Monitoring
    Cloudflare is arguably the most popular content-delivery-network available today, and Cloudflare fronts more than 11.5 million webpages. Since...
  • Krona Emmanuel
    Tor Project: OONI Explorer - Social Media Sharing
    OONI Explorer doesn't have a good social media sharing system in place. User's share their findings from the explore by taking screenshots. My...
  • Hashik Donthineni
    Tor Project: Snowflake Proxy on Android
    Implementing Snowflake proxy on the Android platform as a native application for volunteer users to contribute as a proxy and help circumvent...