Fedora Linux is built on the foundations of Freedom, Friends, Features, & First

The Fedora Project's core values, or Foundations, are Freedom, Friends, Features, & First. Read more about them here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Foundations

A key component of this is our Community. This community, which you will join as an participant in Google Summer of Code, is creating a platform that supports the work of a diverse audience. Your contributions can affect people you've never met in situations you've never dreamed of. The Fedora community includes software engineers, artists, system administrators, web designers, writers, speakers, and translators -- all of whom will be happy to help you get started.

Full project description available here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Overview

We believe that all contributors should expect and be part of a safe and friendly environment for constructive contribution. We can more effectively and successfully compare and challenge different ideas to find the best solutions for advancement, while building the size, diversity, and strength of our community.

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  • python 3
  • rest
  • linux
  • web development
  • linux distribution


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Fedora Project 2020 Projects

  • Anchit
    Dashboard for Packit
    Packit-as-a-Service is a GitHub App that helps developers continuously ensure that their project works in Fedora. Packit Service validates pull...
  • Arunagrinadan Sudharshan
    Implementing varlink support to nmstate
    Nmstate is a python library with command line tool that manages host networking settings in a declarative manner. This project aims to bring varlink...
  • Elvira GarcĂ­a Ruiz
    Improve Network Linux System Role
    Linux System Roles is a project related to Ansible, a tool for automating configuration management, application deployment and software provisioning....
  • Shreyas Papinwar
    Packit with Gitlab
    Packit (https://packit.dev/) project has native support exclusively for GitHub now. There were numerous requests from the community to add support...