Linkerd is the ultralight service mesh for Kubernetes and beyond

About Linkerd

Linkerd is an ultralight service mesh for Kubernetes and other frameworks. It is trusted by many companies to power and secure their production service network communication. It enables runtime debugging, observability, reliability, and security — all without requiring any changes to the application code.

Linkerd is very easy to install. You can get started in minutes!

Linkerd is fully open source, licensed under Apache v2, and is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation incubating project. Linkerd is developed in the open in the Linkerd GitHub organization.

Getting Involved

Does the idea of writing some amazing code for the most lightweight Kubernetes service mesh, and learning from some of the best service mesh engineers intrigue you? Check out the Linkerd GSoC project opportunities.

Join us on the Linkerd Slack in the gsoc channel!

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  • linkerd
  • kubernetes
  • golang
  • rust


  • Cloud
  • service mesh
  • cloud infrastructure
  • microservices
  • containers
  • networking
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Linkerd 2020 Projects

  • Ali Ariff
    ARM Support
    This project goal is to make Linkerd officially support ARM architecture
  • Mayank Shah
    Conformance Validation
    This project proposes a new test suite that shall be used for conformance validation. The new test suite shall be used to validate non-trivial...