An open-source framework to develop and manage robot components

RoboComp is an open-source Robotics framework providing the tools to create and modify software components that communicate through public interfaces. Components may require, subscribe, implement or publish interfaces in a seamless way. Building new components is done using two domain-specific languages, IDSL and CDSL. With IDSL you define an interface and with CDSL you specify how the component will communicate with the world. With this information, a code generator creates C++ and/or Python sources, based on CMake, that compile and execute flawlessly. When some of these features have to be changed, the component can be easily regenerated and all the user-specific code is preserved thanks to a simple inheritance mechanism.

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  • python
  • c++11
  • component-based development
  • qt
  • opencv


  • Other
  • robotics
  • computer vision
  • multi-agent system
  • component-based development
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RoboComp 2020 Projects

  • Mohamed Shawky
    DNN’s for precise manipulation of household objects
    The ability of a robot to detect, grasp and manipulate objects is one of the key challenges in building an intelligent humanoid robot. For a...
  • Rishabh Baghel
    Efficient acceptable social behaviour using machine learning techniques
    Aim of this project is to introduce machine learning methods to learn about the surroundings for a robot’s navigation, we want to develop an agent...
  • Kanav
    Hand Gesture Recognition Component
    One of the capabilities of the robot is to efficiently communicate with humans, either through voice or gestures. Currently, EBO is equipped with...
  • Shubh Maheshwari
    Human recognition (identification) using multi-modal perception system
    In Robotics, it is crucial to identify humans and efficiently distinguish them. This gives the ability to perform further challenging tasks such as...
  • Rishi Gondkar
    Human-robot dialogue and collaboration for social navigation.
    The navigation of a robot in an environment with humans is a subject with enormous interest in the last years. To be accepted in these types of...
  • Palash Agarwal
    Integration of an emotion recognition component in RoboComp
    We are living in a world where a cognitive robot can act as a human assistant and has the potential to offer social experiences through human-robot...
  • Akash Kumar Singh
    Python3 bindings for InnerModel Library
    C++ as a programming language comes in handy in case of performance oriented applications for example: a simulator. But when it comes to rapidly...
  • Rahul Katiyar
    Robocomp GUI development
    This Graphical User Interface is responsible for the Robot's controlling and monitoring. This uses CORTEX architecture which is a cognitive robotics...
  • Nivedita Rufus
    Software agent for estimating occupancy in medium and large buildings using RGB cameras
    Humans and robots coexist together in today's world and to make these interactions more meaningful, one of the capacities that a robot must certainly...
  • José Miguel Sánchez
    Syntax-error highlighter for LearnBlock
    This project aims to endow LearnBlock with the ability to determine the different syntax-errors of a program and to display those errors in both, the...