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The Apache Software Foundation 2020 Projects

  • Juan Segarra
    Apache Camel - OAI-PMH Component
    This proposal aims to implement an OAI-PMH component for Apache Camel. OAI-PMH is a protocol widely used in libraries and digital repositories across...
  • Rumesh Perera
    Apache Gora - Implement RethinkDB datastore module
    RethinkDB is a popular implementation for document store which is being used extensively in modern real time applications. Detailed technical...
  • John Mora
    BeamSQL aggregation analytics functionality
    This project aims to add support for aggregation analytics functions (a.k.a window functions) to the SQLBeam module of the Apache Beam project. The...
  • Alexander Fischer
    Building an injectable IoC centric, small and lightweight HTTP server and making it runnable as a native executable [Jira: OWB-1319]
    CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection) is an IoC (Inversion of Control) container, that is implemented in Apache OWB (OpenWebBeans). Even though...
  • Nayananga Muhandiram
    CAMEL-13934 camel-minio - Component to store/load files from blob store
    I have decided to select the project, camel-minio - Component to store/load files from blob store(
  • Nicholas Mowery
    Electron.js for Native Airvata Applications
    This proposal focuses on developing a prototype in Electron.js of the SEAGrid native application, currently implemented in JavaFX. Once prototyped,...
  • Saviyo Perera
    Hazelcast IMap backed datastore for Apache Gora
    Apache Gora currently has support for JCache datastore which can be used with any JCache provider like Hazelcast. However JCache API does not expose...
  • Aldair Coronel Ruiz
    Implement an Azure blobstore filesystem for Python SDK
    Currently, Apache Beam Python SDK has already got support for Google Cloud Storage and Amazon Web Services S3. This project aims to add support for...
  • Dinuka Perera
    Implement ArangoDB multi-model data store for Apache Gora
    Multi model databases are becoming more popular due its native support for polyglot persistence. Polyglot Persistence is a term to mean that when...
  • Arne
    Implement Scylla DB Datastore for Apache Gora
    Scylla is an open-source distributed NoSQL data store. It was designed to achieve significantly higher throughputs and lower latencies. Apache Gora...
  • Qihang Zeng
    Implementing Pattern Recognition Function in Beam SQL
    Match_Recogniztion syntax was introduced in SQL in 2016. It turned out to be very useful in data analysis. Currently, Beam SQL does not support this...
  • vivek
    Implementing Storage limits for multiple types of storages
    Airavata based science gateways store data in the gateway storage which is typically mounted in the portal's hosting server. Each user's data is...
  • Caleb Herbel
    Interval Join in AsterixDB
    AsterixDB currently performs interval joins but it is not optimized; the database uses a nested loop when an interval join is required. In the...
  • Manthan Raju Surkar
    Making Fineract More Robust
    The project aims to make Fineract more robust by fixing Issues/feature Requests in Backlog. The major part of this project include work on making...
  • Yemdjih Kaze Nasser
    Migrate Fineract ORM from OpenJPA to EclipseLink
    In line with the rationale for choosing EclipseLink as the ORM replacement for Hibernate in FineractCN, we have broad consensus across the community...
  • Percy Enoabane
    Strengthen/Harden Fineract 1.x
    Strengthen/Harden Fineract 1.x by integration static analysis tool Error Prone and enforce code checks; Migrate from Joda time to new Java 8...
  • Akhil nagulavancha
    User Interface for Airavata Managed File Transfer Service
    Airavata Managed File Transfer (MFT) ( is the Apache Airavata’s own Data Movement Implementation Framework to...