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Why BioGears

Physiological modeling and simulation has been used extensively in industries like medical device manufacturing, pharmacology, and healthcare training. Each of these applications generally produce their own proprietary application for use within their company. BioGears breaks those trends by providing an extensible, validated physiology engine for use by anyone. Applications include universities, military, and small businesses.

What can BioGears Do?

  • BioGears includes mathematical models for a wide range of systems, medical interfaces, and substances for real-time retrieval of accurate physiology state.
  • The common data model includes standard inputs, outputs, units, conversions, and naming conventions that make model additions and product integration quick and easy.
  • Our website is a place for discussion and sharing among our community of users. Explore showcase scenarios, collaborate with us on GitHub, and use the tutorials to guide BioGears integration.
  • A full-featured API, SDK, code-based documentation, and tutorial examples make BioGears easy to understand and use. Rigorous validation methods ensure accurate model output.

BioGears high-level objectives

  • Create a publicly available physiology research platform that enables accurate and consistent - simulated physiology across training applications
  • Lower the barrier to create medical training content
  • Engage the community to develop and extend physiology models
  • Meet the training needs of the military
  • Expand the body of knowledge regarding the use of simulated physiology for medical education

Join us and help us create something meaningful and special for use in the medical community!

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  • c++11
  • c/c++
  • python
  • cmake


  • Science and Medicine
  • physiology
  • pharmacological modeling
  • computational biology
  • mathematical software
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BioGears 2020 Projects

  • Rishi Das
    A Clinically Relevant Multi-Case Model of Naloxone Reversal of Fentanyl-Induced Respiratory Depression
    Up until the recent COVID-19 pandemic the greatest social/medical crisis in the United States has been the opioid epidemic, taking 128 lives a day...
  • Shashank Jain
    Website Porter
    There is a need for creation of such a website that is Python Extensible as the new models are needed to be added for plotting which are not...