Find the origin, license and vulnerabilities of your code and deps.

AboutCode is a family of FOSS projects to uncover data ... about software code:

  • where does the code come from? which software package?
  • what is its license? copyright?
  • is the code secure, maintained, well coded?

All these are questions that are important to answer: there are million of free and open source software components available on the web for reuse.

Knowing where a software package comes from, what is its license and if it is vulnerable and what's its licensing should be a problem of the past such that everyone can safely consume more free and open source software.

Our flagship project is ScanCode toolkit, but we are building eventually a complete end to end suite of the tools needed to answer all these questions.

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  • python
  • c/c++
  • rust
  • javascript
  • postgresql


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mail_outline Contact email 2020 Projects

    Add additional package metadata and lockfile parsers
    ScanCode is an opensource software and detects licenses, copyrights, package manifests & dependencies and more by scanning code. This allows to...
  • Shivam Sandbhor
    Enhancement of VulnerableCode
    Software development is undergoing a gradual increase in pace. The direct result of this is more software vulnerabilities. Countless vulnerabilities...
  • Tushar Goel
    Fetchcode : A smart code downloader
    The goal of this project is to create a smart tool/library that provides a universal package and code download from VCS, web, ftp, etc.
  • ayansinha23
    Improve ScanCode License detection accuracy, by leveraging the ClearlyDefined dataset of Scans
    ScanCode license detection is using multiple techniques to accurately detect licenses based on automatons, inverted indexes, and multiple sequence...
  • Abhishek Kumar
    Remove legacy Python code - Support latest Python 3.x - Improve 3rd party package provisioning
    Python 2.7 has already retired and it will no longer be maintained therefore it will better to drop the support of Python 2. It will also include...