Python is a programming language used by software developers and scientists.

Python is a popular high-level programming language used by scientists, developers, and many others who want to work more quickly and integrate systems more effectively. The Python Software Foundation serves as an umbrella organization to a variety of Python-related projects, as well as sponsoring projects related to the development of the Python language.

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Python Software Foundation 2020 Projects

  • Saurabh Khandelwal
    Adding new checkers to CVE Binary Tool
    The CVE Binary Tool scans for a set of checkers, which are common, vulnerable open source components and lets us know if a given directory or binary...
  • Himanshu Mani Tripathi
    Adding new Machine Learning Models and Operations
    The aim of the project is to facilitate NLP tasks in DFFML by adding support for two of the most popular NLP libraries: HuggingFace Transformers and...
  • Arc Riley
    Admin Team: Org admin assistant platform
    Expand the PFS GSoC blogging platform to include a top level overview of student status grouped by suborg and extend student activity monitoring to...
  • Shashank Jarial
    Animated icons and icon customisation
    EOS-icons deliver a set of icons in an iconic font and also provides a few animated icons. For developers working on products like plugins or...
  • Abijith B
    Code snippet for analysis in GUI
    It is easy to use GUI, but for advanced purposes we have to use scripting, notebook. The aim of the project is an easier transition between GUI and...
  • Arnav Kapoor
    Dateparser : Number Parser
    The project aims to parse numbers written in natural language. This needs to be done while keeping incorporation with dateparser and price-parser in...
  • Aghin Shah Alin
    DFFML : Implementing Distributed Orchestrator And Adding DataFlow Tutorials
    Add networks/orchestrator to run distributed dataflows.Add new tutorials on using DataFlow/Operations and how models/database abstractions etc...
  • Saksham Arora
    DFFML: Integrating Image Processing into DFFML
    DFFML is a machine learning based project which provides APIs for training and testing datasets using various machine learning frameworks such as...
  • Abhay Katheria
    Enable language package managers in Tern and increasing test coverage.
    Tern currently does not list the metadata of packages installed by different package managers. This project aims to enable this functionality in...
  • Aditya Sharma
    EOS-icons - feature/icon request [backend]
    Users can design a custom iconic font on the eos-icons landing page by choosing from a wide variety of EOS icons. These can be used in any open...
  • Devesh Vijaywargiya
    Feature/Icon Request Interface for EOS-Icons
    The aim of this project is to build a web portal and incorporate it into the existing EOS ecosystem. This web portal will allow users to request for...
  • Soham Biswas
    FURY - Create new UI Widgets & Physics Engine Integration.
    I will be working on building sci-fi-like 2D and 3D interfaces inspired by the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie and provide physics engine...
  • Niraj Kamdar
    Improve concurrency and input functionality
    Project Goals Refactoring cve-bin-tool into independent submodules: Refactor into three separate modules: 1), 2),...
  • Lenix Lobo
    Improve Shader Framework
    The current shader framework for fury is based on VTK and lacks documentation to get started which can be overwhelming for new users . The objective...
  • Harmandeep Singh
    Improving CVE Binary Tool Output: Adding HTML Reports
    The Project aims to improve the output of the cve-bin-tool. Currently, we are having a very basic console logging and output. I'll add colourized...
  • Anand Baburajan
    LiberTEM: Enhancement of pipeline to allow reshaping of n-dimensional datasets in the GUI
    4D STEM data in datasets can be stored with different shapes as different representations may be possible depending on the application. For example,...
    Mission Support System : Enhance KML Support
    Keyhole Markup Language (KML) is an XML notation for expressing geographic annotation and visualization within two-dimensional maps and...
  • Tanish Grover
    Mission Support System: Mission Support Collaboration Improvements
    Mission Support Collaboration(mscolab) is a part of the MSS application which allows real-time collaboration and editing of flight paths of a...
  • AshwiniJha
    Panda3D: Recast and Detour Integration
    Panda3D is an open source framework for 3D rendering and games. It combines the speed of C++ with the ease of use of Python in order to provide users...
  • McSinyx
    PyPA: Allow pip to Download in Parallel
    Parallel downloading is an enhancement that has been long-awaited (the feature was proposed in 2013). Even back then, the feature could have helped...
  • Aditya Kumar
    Scrapy : HTTP/2 Support
    Scrapy presently only supports HTTP/1.x to issue network requests. This project aims to implement HTTP/2 support adding an HTTP handler that can...
  • Yunxin Sang
    uarray: Completion and Packaging udiff
    This requires completion and packaging of the udiff library. Potential goals include: Publishing an initial version to PyPI. Adding matrix/tensor...
  • João Ferreira
    uarray: Expand unumpy overall coverage
    This project intends to expand the overall coverage of the unumpy API. unumpy is an API for array computing built on top of the uarray library that...
  • Junlai Wang
    Use shlex to parse Dockerfile RUN instruction commands
    Use shlex to parse Dockerfile RUN instruction commands. On looking at the type of parsing needed for full shell scripts embedded in the run command,...