Spinnacker being an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence, I would love to come on board and support this project with the knowledge I have previously gained and am continuously gaining from Cloud Devops Engineer scholarship sponsored by Udacity and Bertelsmann.

Previous research makes me understand that Spinnacker is supported by almost all cloud providers in the world, ranging from AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Kurbenetes, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Microsoft Azure, App Engine and Cloud Foundry, this will give me a great learning experience from my mentors during this learning season, because I am currently much conversant with Amazon Web Services, but not much conversant with the other cloud providers, this brings a two way learning environment, because as I share the information on AWS, I will as well gain knowledge about the other cloud providers.

This project idea will aim at;

1) Ensuring continuous delivery and continuous deployments.

2) Bringing up automated releases.

3) Undertake deployments, across multiple, cloud providers.

4) Master the best built-in deployments practices from spinnacker.


Moki Daniel


  • Fernando Freire