After a busy couple of days at the Bristol Hackathon, the developers behind ghcide and haskell-ide-engine merged efforts resulting in an exciting new, unified language server. Building upon ghcide's snappy shake based build system and with the extensible plugin support from haskell-ide-engine, it aims to be the de-facto language server for newcomers to Haskell. It is still new and there is plenty of work to be done throughout the ecosystem to get it ready for users:

Implicit cradle configuration

Improve how hie-bios implicitly detects and sets up cradles (sessions) without the need for a hie.yaml file

Update haskell-lsp with new LSP features

The LSP specification moves quickly, and the latest version 3.15 has lots of new features that many language servers, not just Haskell ones, would love to take support of in haskell-lsp.

Get haskell-language-server ready

Now that the ghcide base and plugin architecture is mostly in place, plugins and tests need to be moved over. Continuous integration and distribution also need to be set up.





  • Alan Zimmerman
  • Pepe Iborra
  • Zubin Duggal