Application manager RAPPS

RAPPS is a lightweight GUI utility which downloads and installs various popular apps and redistributable packages in Windows and ReactOS. It can be significantly improved in various ways to become a really useful tool for not only for ReactOS but for Windows users also who want to manage their installed applications like Steam manages games installation/updating.

Goals to achieve

  • Improving UI, provide a smoother experience.
  • Separate the download and install operations.
  • Command-line support. (If possible, using Console API / VT Sequence to provide a better interface)
  • Asynchronous Download Support. (Based On WinINet)
  • Allow users to change default download source.
  • Other features (like support silence installation, dependency analysis, etc.) might be added, need more discussion with my mentor and project members.



He Yang


  • Mark Jansen
  • Ioannis Adamopoulos