Lottie format provides an easy way for the animations to be rendered to web and mobile applications. Users have found the basic Lottie Exporter plugin to be useful but it still lacks some features like the advanced outline layer which can make the plugin even more helpful for the animators. Therefore, providing an easy method like Lottie will attract more developers and attention to Synfig which is an open source organisation. The final product would be an extension of the already existing plugin with the addition of more layers and convert methods to it. It will export files in .sif format to the lottie JSON format.

The goals for the project are :

  1. Addition of more layers from Synfig format to Lottie format.
  2. Implement remaining convert methods.
  3. Exporting outlines without variable widths.
  4. Adding animation to the addition/deletion of bline points.

The pre-project phase will involve checking for the feasibility of exporting Layers from Synfig format to Lottie format. This will require lots of requirements gathering, analysis and designing the complete system architecture. The project phase will be about implementing the features and architecture that has been agreed upon.





  • Konstantin Dmitriev
  • Anish Gulati