BridgeInTech is an application that is aimed to bring closer the tech skills gap that exist in the IT industry. The idea comes from the existing AnitaB.Org Mentorship System Application project that connects people in the IT community between those who wants to gain further skills (mentee) with those who wants to help the mentee learning more (mentor). In support of this, BridgeInTech brings companies involvement by allowing them to offer a Mentoring Program which mentor and mentee can work on. It is hope that this active collaboration between companies, mentor and mentee can help narrow the tech skills gap. BridgeInTech also has another goal which is to promote equal opportunity by especially targeting those who are considered to be the minority in the industry. The categories such as gender, age, race, sexual orientation, physical/mental ability, socio economic, education, years of experience and religion, are used when getting information on user’s background. The company have an option to specify in their mentoring program the target candidates from the minority groups of the mentioned categories. It is to bring a more inclusive work environment within IT industry.



Maya Treacy


  • Ramit Sawhney
  • Isabel Costa
  • Foong Min Wong
  • Meenakshi Dhanani