This project is a gameplay specific project which aims to bring additional elements of fun for the player base by forming a working genome module which can be used flexibly with modules like SimpleFarming, WildAnimals and any other modules which may be developed in the future which have the scope of expanding with genetics. A prime focus of this project would be to get the genetics module completely integrated with SimpleFarming and EdibleFlora so that plants can now be bred with genetics. Since this adds different traits to different varieties of plants or any entities that have genetics, it creates a fun and immersive experience for a player to find desirable varieties of the entities he needs to craft ideal food sources from superior ingredients. The project also aims to enhance certain gameplay elements like cooking, health, and thirst to work with genetics to provide a good point of interaction between the player and genomes.


Vedant Shroff


  • e_a
  • Jellysnake
  • Arthur Casals