Automated Program Repair (APR) has been showing a high capability recently of fixing software bugs automatically. Despite the recent advancements, there are only a few APR techniques specifically addressing regression errors. These techniques yet, however, have not fully exploited the information available in software evolution history, e.g., bug-inducing commits, etc, for repairing regression errors. Moreover, the techniques either work on a specific language (e.g., C language) or do not provide their implementations for public access.

This project aims to empower automatic repair of regression errors for Java programs by implementing and extending recent interesting findings of regression errors, e.g., the correlation between bug-inducing and bug-fixing commits. We aim to build a system, namely LyFix, that enables users to fix Java regression bugs automatically by leveraging fix ingredients and specific repair operators learned from the software development history.


Quang-Cuong Bui


  • Bach Le
  • Loc Le
  • Corina Pasareanu