The idea is to add new features as well as to improve existing features in the Catrobat iOS app (Catty). The app mainly focuses on making programming easy for children and share the created program among the Catrobat community. The features to be implemented are:

  • Landscape mode: At the time of creating a new project in pocket code iOS application, the application will ask the user to select the orientation of the device using a pop message similar to that of the android application. The device orientation will be change on the basis of the user's choice.
  • Google Sign-In and tagging: This will allow the user to sign-in to the Catrobat community with their google account along with their Catrobat account. I will integrate this feature using the google framework GoogleSignIn.



Dhrubojyoti Biswas


  • Laura Rössl
  • Thomas Ploner
  • Michael Herold
  • Alessa Angerschmid