Media Library Improvement

Unify the iconview and listview modes of the Media Library into a single responsive grid view.

Removes the unnecessary complexity Pitivi is dealing with in implementing the two widgets ( Gtk.IconView and Gtk.TreeView ). A single responsive view ( Gtk.FlowBox ) ensures increase in future productivity when working on the Media Library.

Add tagging functionality for assets in the media library

Empowers Pitivi user base with tags for marking their assets in the media library. An asset can have multiple tags. Multiple assets can have common tags.

Introduce Folder View, Date View and advanced searching and filtering of assets

Users can toggle between views that sort

  • by alphabetical order
  • by date
  • by folder

Assets can be searched by Tags. Assets can be filtered on the basis of tags field used by Folder View and date field used by the Date View.



Abhishek Kumar Singh


  • Thibault Saunier