Rucio is a data management framework which provides a multilevel organization, management, and access to large scale data generated during scientific experiments, such as Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It also allows data analytics and monitoring of such data and its resources. The data is processed in globally distributed data centres.

Currently, Rucio uses a Command Line Interface (CLI) and a WebUI to interact with the users at the client and admin level. However, using the CLI Client might often need technical expertise and also prove overwhelming for some of its users. And the WebUI provides limited functionality due to memory limitations of the browser. I propose to solve this problem by developing a native desktop application for Rucio, which provides an elegant graphical user interface (GUI) with drag and drop downloading of files.



Vivek Nigam


  • Thomas Beermann
  • Martin Barisits
  • Gabriele Gaetano FronzĂ©
  • Mario Lassnig